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Improve your photography skills by joining me on a unique landscape workshop or a photo tour around Tenerife. My photography workshops are designed for people with a passion for photography and the great outdoors. Having spent my entire life on Tenerife, I aim to introduce you to some of the most photogenic locations and get inspired by what you see and experience to return home with some incredible images. Over many years I have scouted countless locations off the beaten track and I know exactly when conditions are rife. Having even pioneered several shooting spots on the island, my local knowledge is therefore second to none.

Landscape photography requires translating a three-dimensional, real-life scene into an image, whether it is on film or digital. To do this effectively, you must truly see the subject, become aware of its physical characteristics, its reflectance values, aspects of the illumination and the scenes aesthetic appeal. You must also understand your camera equipment and have control of the recording medium.On top of this, I believe it's important to be able to translate your feelings and emotions that the scenery evokes.

My work is characterized by the intensive use of filters. In the digital age, "Photoshopping" images has become ever popular with impressive results. This takes tremendous technical skill to master. It is this reason that many people find that the gap between Photoshop and especially Landscape Photography is too wide and complex. The latter is made in nature taking the picture while image processing means sitting at home and mastering complex technical edits. While this process can give endless creative results, it can also be easily applied in excess.

Working with filters makes you think harder about compositions and lighting, it takes skill and practice to master them and thus I believe it connects you more closely with your subject. I find that with landscape photography,  this connection is made in nature rather than at home on the computer. Thanks to the continued support of my sponsors, LucrOit filter holders and Hitech Filters I have been able to maximize my work with filters.

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Private photo day tours range from 4 hours and up. Enjoy the island's incredible beauty on a private tour and find the most picturesque photography spots on the island - the right place at the right time! We travel in air-conditioned luxury and only take a maximum of 4 people (larger groups by request only in advance). This is a perfect day-trip if you are staying in a hotel or if you are wanting to take a quick excursion from your cruise ship, thus maximizing what you can see with limited time. For further information, cost and availability please contact me

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