Tenerife Landscape Photography Workshops/Tours

Take your photography to the next level with Tenerife´s award winning professional landscape photographer Raico Rosenberg.

Improve your photography skills by joining me on a unique landscape workshop. My photography workshops are designed for people with a passion for photography and the great outdoors. Having spent my entire life on Tenerife, I aim to introduce you to some of the most photogenic locations and get inspired by what you see and experience to return home with some incredible images. Over many years I have scouted countless locations off the beaten track and I know exactly when conditions are rife. I have even pioneered several shooting spots. My local knowledge is second to none! Please feel free to check my guestbook for reviews.


Use of filters demonstrated to give excellent results with minimal processing.


My work is characterized by the intense use of filters. In the digital age, Photoshopping images is becoming ever popular but unfortunately, it gets easily misused in my opinion. Working with filters makes you think harder of compositions and lighting, it takes skill and practice to master them and thus I believe it connects you more closely to your subject. The connection is made on site, in nature rather than at home on the computer. Thanks to the continued support of my sponsors, LucrOit filter holders and Hitech Filters I can maximize my work.

Landscape photography requires translating a three-dimensional, real-life scene into an image, whether it is on film or digital. To do this effectively, you must truly see the subject. Become aware of its physical characteristics, its reflectance values, aspects of the illumination and the scenes aesthetic appeal. You must also understand your camera equipment and have control of the recording medium. Above all this, i believe it's important to translate your feelings and emotions the scenery evokes.

I offer 1 to 3-day workshops for people of practically all ages and skills. Group sizes range from 1 -4 people providing maximum attention and minimizing overcrowding on location.  I use LucrOitHitech Filters and 3 legged thing products in my workshops. For further information, cost and availability please contact me.                   


Private photo day tours range from 4 hours and up.

Enjoy the island's incredible beauty on a private tour and find the most picturesque photography spots on the island - the right place at the right time! We travel in air-conditioned luxury and only take a maximum of 4 people (larger groups by request only in advance).

This is a perfect day-trip if you are staying in a hotel or if you are wanting to take a quick excursion from your cruise ship, thus maximizing what you can see with limited time. For further information, cost and availability please contact me.                  


The workshops & tours run throughout all seasons and weekends.



Tenerife WorkshopTenerife Workshop



I was born and raised on Tenerife. During my childhood, i would spend most of my time outdoors, vigorously exploring Tenerife's natural treasures since we didn't have a TV at home unlike everyone else. This enabled me to make an excellent connection to my natural surroundings and so I engaged in outdoor activities such as spearfishing, surfing, and Hiking.

Growing up I attended a British school and furthered my education in the UK. After University and thanks to my multicultural background, i could speak 5 languages. Soon after I did my military service which I thoroughly enjoyed and it was the most rewarding experience of my life. Back in Tenerife I joined the voluntary fire brigade and worked in the UK as a lifeguard for a brief period. In May 2014 I completed an "Accredited Teide national park guide" course.

All the hard work has been done so we can concentrate on achieving the best results. I'm confident that all these skills and my profound knowledge of Tenerife will add great value and expertise to your experience on joining me for a landscape photography workshop.

Workshops in full swing.

LOCATION- why Tenerife?

Based on the magnificent island of Tenerife, Canary Islands offering a diversity of landscape, geology & coastline, combined with its unique climate is the perfect location to learn on this photographer's paradise.


  • Tenerife is a very popular holiday destination thus making flights and accommodation extremely cheap and affordable.

  •  its one of the few places in the world that boasts pretty much every single landscape in a small area of 2,034.38 km² (785.47 mi²)!

  • The climate is to die for.. all year round the Canary Islands are known as the islands of eternal spring.

  • it’s heaven on earth for seascape photographers with pretty much all shapes and different locations you can wish for.

  • There are simply NO dangerous animals in the wild. Not even poisonous insects or reptiles, it's completely safe.

  • Teide national park provides a scenery from another planet thanks to its volcanic history. (Home to the filming of a few Hollywood blockbusters such as "Clash of the Titans" with Sam Worthington).


Ten-Diez Expo 2012Ten-Diez Expo 2012

Comparing ND grads at landscape photography seminar at Ten-Diez event by Raico Rosenberg. Photo courtesy by Michael Bolognesi



True! and Tenerife does offer an amazing wealth of locations on the trail BUT you will pretty much get the same shots as everyone else. Unless you're lucky, to get really good and unique shots you need time to explore and get a feel for the location. As a guide, i can take you to many secret spots off the beaten track. Not only that, I can provide you with the very best advice on anything else you may need like places to eat, hotels etc.. During your time shooting with me, I will give you many valuable tips as if I was shooting for myself and you can always ask me.

 Another important aspect is the weather, Tenerife has countless microclimates that change in a matter of minutes essentially destroying or making the money shot. For example, In the south coast at the tourist resorts, it can be nice and sunny but I can assure you that 15 mins drive you can find yourself in completely different weather conditions with cloudy and cold weather regardless of the time of year! A classic and famous Tenerife scenario is in winter when the Teide volcano is completely covered in snow while less than an hours drive away at the coastal tourist resorts the beach is full of people and it's Sunny!!

I don't just have plan A and B as backup.. mine go all the way to Z -  even 24 hours a day! I sleep, eat and breathe landscape photography and know at all times the angles of the sun, the moon, the Milkyway, and stars. Even how the tides are which are crucial to each individual coastal location.

 I can guarantee you that I am the most experienced photo guide on the island!

For further information, cost and availability please contact me

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