Ruurd Willem Wagenaar(non-registered)
21 august 2017 I had a full workshop for 1 person.Forget the cost, the pleasure i had and things that I learned are priceless. Raico thanks for letting be myself.
John Riddle(non-registered)
A superb collection of images.
Wir haben während eines zweiwöchigen Teneriffa Aufenthaltes sieben einzelne Tage mit Raico gebucht und sind begeistert von der Qualität seiner Landschaftsphotographie,von seinen Tipps zur Fotografie, von den Locations, die wir mit ihm besuchen konnten. Diese Plätze hätten wir alleine niemals gefunden und schon gar nicht zur richtigen Zeit im besten Licht. Raico kennt diese schöne Insel in-und auswendig,führt individuell je nach Interesse des Kunden. Er spricht muttersprachlich deutsch, wir haben mit ihm auch einige urige Lokale mit phantastischer einheimischer Küche kennengelernt. Raico macht diesen Teneriffa Aufenthalt für uns zu etwas ganz besonderem.
Ich war im Mai 2016 eine Woche mit Raico auf der Insel unterwegs. Da meine Fotoreise vom Schweizer Organisator abgesagt wurde, kam ich in Genuss eines individuellen Coachings.
Raico kennt jede Ecke dieser herrlichen Insel und hat mit mir an wunderschönen Spots fotografiert. Ich habe von ihm viele wertvolle Tipps und kreative Anregungen erhalten. Auch die Organisation hat gut geklappt. Mich hat beeindruckt, wie sorgfältig er mit der Natur umgeht. Seine Landschaftsfotografien sind von höchster Qualität und Schönheit.
Es war auch eine kulinarische Entdeckungsreise, ich lernte viele tinerfeñische Spezialitäten und urige Lokale kennen.
Ich werde Raico bei meinem nächsten Aufenthalt auf Teneriffa bestimmt wieder "buchen"
Tenerife Best of Collection album stole my heart :)
Wim Lentjes(non-registered)
Workshop/tour with Raico Rosenberg

By Wim Lentjes (October 2015)

During our short vacation in Tenerife, I had the intention to make some landscape photos of the beautiful island Tenerife. Surfing on internet I found the name Raico Rosenberg, he lives in Tenerife, is a professional photograph and organizes tours and workshops. I contacted him and he was willing to show me some interesting locations of Tenerife and to combine this with a practical training about landscape photography.
We agreed to spend a tailored day of making pictures on different places in the south of Tenerife. The locations Raico showed me were impressive and the way Raico shared his professional expertise was above my expectations. He told me that he was raised in Tenerife and admire the nature of Tenerife because it has so many different micro climates. He has a huge passion about landscape photography and always willing to share his knowledge.

Raico provided me a lot of hands-on training about camera settings, scenes, ND-filters, polarizers, etc. He also allowed me to loan different filters, to experience with. The results of the photos are really impressive, but I could never manage this without the professional expertise from Raico. As he said "Landscape photography is an art".
When you want to improve your skills about landscape photography and you are visiting Tenerife, I highly recommended Raico Rosenberg.

Wim Lentjes
Ken Stockdale(non-registered)
I discovered Raico's work through a Tenerife forum whilst looking for photography clubs. After more investigation, I discovered that he ran workshops and took the opportunity to spend the day [and early morning the following day] with Raico on a recent visit to Tenerife.
We first spent some time photography waves near Montana Roja using long shutter speeds. He then allowed me to use one of his lenses and set of filters to create some special affects.
After lunch he went through some techniques in Lightroom before going to La Caleta to photograph the sunset over La Gomera.
The following morning he took me back to Montana Roja to photograph the sunrise, which was spectacular.
All in all, I found Raico to be very knowledgeable and very easy to talk to. I would recommend anyone who is going to Tenerife and considering a day with a professional photographer, to contact Raico. You will not be sorry.
Ade Owoaje
I found Raico through Facebook and really loved his work.
I was travelling with the family to Tenerife and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to learn a thing or two from the master.
I had a half day session with Raico, which consisted of truly understanding the art of sea & landscape photography, We started with the psychological reasoning behind taking that amazing photo.
Once I was in that mindset I began to understand what it takes to capture that killer shot.
We Shot numerous photos of waves, rocks, reflections, etc.
We then changed location to take Photos of Tenerife's legendary sunset. Raico then explained in depth how filters work and the impact they have on taking a nice photo.
We now proceeded to captured the sun setting.
Now, fully armed with the technical and psychological knowledge, I began to apply what I had just learnt and I couldn't believe what was emerging from my camera.
It was absolutely stunning and now I'm hooked.
Raico's knowledge and understanding of photography is second to none and one of the best tutors out there.
Cheers Raico, you're an inspiration.
Hope to do some more next time I'm in Tenerife.
Next stop Mount Teide
Bob Black(non-registered)
Great time out with a knowledgeable photographer, very worthwhile and will definitely be back again. Being raised in Tenerife Raico knows the great locations to suit every condition the weather throws up.
Thanks Raico for a great one-day photography tour of Tenerife. A tall order to photograph Tenerife in just one day and I very much appreciate that you tailored the day exactly to the kind of locations I was looking for. It was great to have your "inside track" knowledge of locations I would never otherwise have found during my brief visit to Tenerife. If anyone reading this is in any doubt about booking Raico for a private photography tour of Tenerife then I can honestly say you should not hesitate. Local, professional knowledge is, in my humble opinion, incredibly worthwhile and Raico definitely knows this island of contrasts that is Tenerife and can undoubtedly help with photography techniques.
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